Caldwell Co. Wicca Study Group

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History of CCWSG

 The Caldwell County Wicca Study Group was founded in November of 2012 by the late Johnny 'Ike' Ikner and Jennifer Hartzog-Price. The group started with only five people who just wanted to learn from one another and grow. With a 'Wicca 101' syllabus we began our journey, getting back to basics and sharing our own knowledge with one another. Sadly, after only three weeks we lost our strongest leader. Ike passed away into Summerland. Without him things became a little different, not having his vast knowledge in all religions.  But another member of the group stepped up to help. Rain Ostrander  joined Jennifer in initiating the classes and we continue on Ike's dreams of teaching others, sharing our knowledge and guiding others on their path.  Jennifer and Rain have both over 14 years of knowledge to share. We offer a Wicca 101 course and have recently added the Year and a Day program.  Unfortunately, we can only provide this for locals to Caldwell County, NC and surrounding areas at the moment. But we welcome all, those who have just begun to walk their path and those who have been in Wicca for years and just want a refresher. Please, check out the rest of the site and contact us with any questions you may have.